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We are a newly established group at Stanford in the Mechanical Engineering Department  led by Prof. Michaëlle N. Mayalu. Prof. Mayalu's  background in control theory drives the lab’s mission to establish novel computational, dynamical systems, and control theoretic tools for understanding, controlling, and predicting responses of biological systems with respect to healthcare. Specifically, we investigate how to optimize biomedical therapeutic designs using theoretical and computational approaches coupled with experiments.

Approach: integration of computation theory and experiments

Near-future research directions

  • Design and implementation targeted synthetic microbe therapies
  • Interorgan communication in health and disease
  • Synthetic pattern formation in growing microbial populations 

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We currently have temporary space, furnished with the appropriate equipment and tools for experimental work, in the Shriram Center for Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering on Stanford Campus. We are also currently constructing a new state-of-the-art facility in the Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory (MERL, Building 660) that  will be open approximately Spring 2023. The space will be furnished with benches, microbiology equipment,  a dedicated room with BSL-2 hood, molecular cloning equipment and analysis tools, shared autoclaves and a shared fridge/freezer room. Office desks are located in a food-friendly area adjacent to the new lab. Core facilities for Flow Cytometry (FACS Analysis) are also located on the same campus.